DIY with rectangle base kit are available for 10.00 not included with backdrop.  Must purchase seperate.


Great for your next birthday party decorations.


Second picture shows how vibrant the colors actually are.


Zero waste and great to hang in child's room after party.  It arrives folded but it is ironable.  It is NOT made of plastic but of a vinyl fabric.


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Birthday Party Centerpieces that are shown in this pic are for sale under centerpieces.


The background for this party is in stock!  It is very high resolution you will not be disappointed.  The size of this background 5 feet by 3.5 feet.  



Dr. Seuss birthday Party Centerpieces decorations birthday party backdrop

    • Artwork is 12 inches
    • 18-20 inches tall when completely assembled.
    • Double sided centerpieces (mirror images)